CAT – Colégio Angolano de Talatona

Cambridge International School

The Cambridge IGCSE syllabus is the most popular international Diploma in the world for young people between the ages of 14-16, with more than 900 thousand enrollments in 140 countries worldwide.

Cambridge International AS Level

Cambridge international AS/A level exams are written by more than 175 thousand students in 130 countries every year. Generally they are aimed at students between the ages of 16-19, who require advanced learning in preparation for University education.

Extra-curricular activities



Dance can help children to develop their self-confidence, discipline, equilibrium and elegance. More importantly dance lessons are a loads of fun!



Some of the benefits of soccer include learning about responsibility, hard work, and health and fitness. Also the young ones can build up their skills on the field or in their Physical Education classes.

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Basketball is a physical activity that works on the entire body, it works on muscle development, increases precision and self-discipline, teaching team work and helps them make new friends.



Aside from the fact that judo improves the physical wellbeing, children learn discipline through this martial art. Willpower, respect and the discipline derived from Judo are some of the guidelines that are useful for many other avenues of life.

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